Sunday, April 10, 2011

ArtBikes - Pedalling art in Hobart

"ARTBIKES, (commencing January 2011) marries creativity, beauty and sustainability.

ARTBIKES offers free bike access to Hobart's arts precincts and galleries, all the while promoting healthy, climate-friendly transport.

Inspired by bike-sharing services in Paris, Auckland and Melbourne, ARTBIKES allows arts lovers to borrow a bike for free, and cruise the galleries of Hobart. ARTBIKES will also augment the city environment with the installation of six Bike Hubs, designed by Hobart artist Ken Betlehem. As part of the Hobart City Council's Public Art Program, these free-standing pieces of original public art are not only locking posts for bikes not in use, but also act as signposts for public galleries and artist-run initiatives..."
accessed Sunday 10 Arpel 2011

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