Monday, April 18, 2011

Conservative Christian launches Senate enquiry into censoring art

Warning: this art debate may contain adult themes
Wendy Frew
April 18, 2011

Offensive content? ... Gentileschi's Judith Slaying Holofernes.

"ARTISTS could be forced to have their work classified before being displayed and some work could be blacklisted despite being legal, if recommendations to a federal inquiry into Australia's film and literature classification scheme are accepted.

The Senate inquiry, launched by the conservative Christian Guy Barnett, has heard submissions calling for any film containing full frontal nudity to be refused classification; artworks and books showing nudity to be classified; and all artworks to be restricted to certain age groups. ''Artistic merit'' should be abandoned when classifying art.

The executive director of the National Association for the Visual Arts, Tamara Winikoff, said many of the organisations that had made submissions to or spoken at the inquiry's hearings, and members of the inquiry, had tried to demonise artists and paint them as child pornographers.

Full-frontal nudity ... how would Michelangelo's David be classified?

''We are particularly worried that artists might have to have all their work classified immediately, regardless of the material,'' she said. ''There is a sense [in the inquiry] that art is dangerous.''

Senator Barnett, who chairs the inquiry, is a critic of the photographer Bill Henson, whose photograph of a naked 12-year-old girl sparked a ferocious debate in 2008. He questioned many of those appearing at the hearings about the Henson photographs...

''It would create a huge hurdle for artists and it would create a chilling effect. We have already seen it with [the depiction of children in artworks]. Artists just don't want to be there … there has been pressure taken over fairly innocuous work,'' she said, referring to the collapse of a charity auction for the Sydney Children's Hospital because hospital officials did not approve of a photograph of a six-year-old boy naked from the waist up..."

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    How come they don't want to ban those notorious child abusers, Catholic priests?

  2. The art scene in Sydney is hardly uncensored to say the least, but to put even harsher regulations seems entirely unnecessary! Can't they just put fair warning at the entrance to an exhibition and trust people to exercise their good judgement instead of putting an entire ban on everything?

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  5. Personally I am more concerned about being protected from religion, conversion at the point of a sword, the wrong end of a rifle, or chequebook.

    "Australia's Aboriginal people developed the animist spirituality of the Dreaming and some of the earliest evidence on earth for religious practices among humans has been found in the archaeological record of their ancestors. Torres Strait Islander religion bore similarities to broader Melanesian spirituality. The general isolation of indigenous Australian religion ended with the arrival of the first British settlers in 1788, whereafter subsequent immigrants and their descendants have been predominantly Christian...

    In 1901, the government passed an act limiting immigration to those of European descent in what came to be known as the White Australia Policy. By effectively limiting the immigration of practitioners of different faiths, this policy ensured that Christianity remained the religion of the overwhelming majority of Australians for the foreseeable future and, indeed, to the present day. The first census in 1911 showed 96% identified themselves as Christian...

    In an optional question on the 2016 Census, 52.2% of the Australian population declared some variety of Christianity. Historically the percentage was far higher; now, the religious landscape of Australia is changing and diversifying...

    In 2016, 30.1% of Australians stated "no religion" and a further 9.6% chose not to answer the question... Sikhism is the fastest growing religion in Australia which showed a 74% increase from the 2011 census followed by Hinduism (60% increase) and Irreligion (48% increase)." -

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