Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mike Rubbo at TAP - 'Nothing but Bikes - Beauty in Utility'

The exhibition is from July 4th till the 17th at the Tap gallery, 278 palmer st. Darlinghurst. 12 pm till 6 pm each day.

It's called: Nothing but Bikes - Beauty in utility, and will feature linocuts, rubbings and etchings of stately sit-up bikes and their riders by Central Coast artist Mike Rubbo.

The aim of the show is to enhance, through the power of art, the appeal of this way of riding. This follows on what photography has been doing through the Cycle chic movement.

On the weekend of the 9th and 10th, there will be a ride to the gallery to christen the new bike parking outside and some festivities inside.

All who bike to the gallery will be in a draw to win art from the show.

"In the interim assessment, Dave Horton from Lancaster University says: "Many people barely recognise the bicycle as a legitimate mode of transport; it is either a toy for children or a vehicle fit only for the poor and/or strange. For them, cycling is a bit embarrassing, they fail to see its purpose, and have no interest in integrating it into their lives, certainly on a regular basis." Dave Horton, Understanding walking and Cycling

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