Sunday, September 25, 2011

The GreenWay needs more Friends

Greetings Friends,

if you haven't already heard the bad news Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian has announced that the GreenWay has been indefinitely deferred. The full press release can be found here. Funding for the light rail construction has been maintained although the completion date has been been pushed back to 2014.

We are bitterly disappointed as the opportunity for an innovative, integrated solution now seems to be lost.

The Save the GreenWay Campaign is more important than ever. So far:
  • Over 3500 signatures have been collected for the petition (over 400 signed in one day at the Addison Rd markets)
  • 20 schools have been contacted to be involved in the campaign
  • ABC 702 has interviewed Friends spokesperson Jud Agius on Simon Marnies program and Marrickville Mayor Fiona Byrne on Adam Spencers program
  • Articles about the GreenWay have appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald, the Inner West Courier and the Cooks River Valley Times
  • Hundreds of cyclists attended the ArtCycle I (Heart) the GreenWay ride on 28 August
  • The Inner West Mayors (Leichhardt, Marrickville, Ashfield and Canterbury) have issued a press release condemning the decision
  • Marrickville Council has agreed to provide $3000 cash for the campaign and Ashfield Council will provide $3000 in kind
Upcoming events in the campaign are:
  • On October 11 Minister Berejiklian has agreed to meet with a delegation from the councils about the GreenWay.
  • 10,000 Save the GreenWay flyers have been printed and will be letterboxed through the GreenWay catchment. 1,000 A4 posters are being distributed to be displayed in local shops and businesses
  • The GreenWay Festival will be held from 23-29 October, including a rally event on 29 October
  • Friends will be having a stall at the Marrickville Festival on 23 October
Most importantly we need your help. The GreenWay has its origins in the local community and if it is going to be saved it will be through the efforts of the community. Here's what you can do:
  • If you haven't done so already, go to our website and send a letter or e-mail to the Minister or the Premier. Better still, write your own letter and send it off
  • Keep collecting signatures for the petition. 10,000 signatures will force a debate on the issue in Parliament
  • Attend the GreenWay Festival to show your support for the Greenway. Encourage your friends to go as well
  • Like our Facebook site, keep up to date with what's happening on our website
  • Volunteer to help. We need help for the stall at Marrickville Festival on 23 October, the GreenWay Rally on 29 October and letterboxing the Save the GreenWay flyers over the next two weeks. Reply to this e-mail if you would like to help.
Please do whatever you can to help save the GreenWay.

Friends of the Greenway Committee

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