Thursday, February 23, 2012

GreenWay Volunteer Ride

Come to our New Volunteers Day 
Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Meet like-minded people and learn how together we can make the GreenWay a vibrant walking and cycling connection, community meeting space and wildlife habitat. We'll also make the GreenWay more visible by putting up some signs, ribbons and flyers.

The ArtCycle group will be co-hosting this event with Friends – thanks for ArtCycle for coming on board!

When: Sunday, February 26, starting at 10.30am
Where: Meet near the east side of the bayrun footbridge at the bottom of Lilyfield Rd, Lilyfield and ends at Marrickville golf club approximately 90 minutes-2 hours later.

If you want to come along, please email or confirm your attendance at our MeetUp page so we can plan for numbers. Read more important details about the event in this flyer.

PLEASE NOTE: ARTcycle Inc is affiliated with BicycleNSW. This is an organised Bicycle User Group event, conditions apply. No helmet no ride. Bikes must be in good working order and riders will follow the direction of ride leaders and obey road rules at all times. Please read the disclaimer for participating here. The Friends of the GreenWay accepts no liability for any incidents on the ride. We urge all riders to have their own personal accident and liability insurance, such as through the scheme organised by BicycleNSW

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