Friday, February 10, 2012

GreenWay Petition Handover

GreenWay Rally, Wednesday 15 February 10:45am steps NSW Parliament, Macquarie St, Sydney.

"10,500 people have said Build the GreenWay! The GreenWay petition will be formally presented to local MPs Carmel Tebbutt, Linda Burney and Jamie Parker at NSW Parliament House on Wednesday 15th February at 11am. Everyone is welcome to attend this momentous occasion. Having demonstrated overwhelming community support for the project, the 'deferral' of the GreenWay will now be debated in parliament.

Supporters of the GreenWay come from all across Sydney, in recognition that the GreenWay connects people, places and communities regionally as well as locally. Thank you to everyone for supporting the GreenWay. The GreenWay started as is a grassroots project and continues be so!"  

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