Sunday, June 24, 2012

GreenWay Hub Day

The GreenWay Hub Day proved a success. In high winter fifteen riders braved a chilly morning that became a beautiful sunny winters day to test the GreenWay Food and Art Trail. Part of the trail anyway, there will be a trial of the full trail in coming months. 

Gilbert lead riders to various galleries while including the GreenWay between the bicycle bridge and Lords Rd tunnel. We visited Art Est, thanks Nicole and Sandra for the impromptu sustainable printing workshop. From there to Boomalli where Graham Toomey welcomed us to the revitalised Boomalli Coop Gallery. Then to Articulate where Tracey Clement gave us the skinny on her consumption of plasticware.

Craig looked after the Fedner Blender on its second only outing. Looking forward to a busy summer and by then we should have it all tweeked. 

The GreenWay Sustainability Committee would like anyone who attended yesterday's events to provide feedback via the form - GreenWay Hub Day Feedback These can be filled in and sent to us at or sent direct to the GreenWay at

Thanks to everyone who came and look forward to next MeetUp.

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