Thursday, October 4, 2012

Plug plug - Arcade Screen Print workshop

St Peters, Sydney 2044

4 Colour Process Screen Print Video - click play here

We print Custom Tees in Permaset Waterbased Inks - they Wash, Fit and look good. Our Tees can be washed anyway you wash a T-shirt including tumble dry, dry clean and you can even iron them ....

You can literally send us your graphic via email, choose your tees online and we'll send you back out your tees via courier - it dosen't matter if you are in Newtown or Darwin.

Or call us 9550 6965

IF YOU ARE AN ARTIST and want to be found to do Tee / Poster or Design work -

You should put your bio on this page -

Or just click on the video above and have a look around the site when it's over.


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