Saturday, October 27, 2012

Support the Cooks River to Iron Cove GreenWay

To GreenWay Friends and Supporters
Despite the government’s ongoing refusal to build the GreenWay, it seems the passion and support we’re receiving is going from strength to strength. People swarmed to our Marrickville Festival stand on Sunday, October 21, with people signing 270 forms letters to the Transport Minister and another 48 people writing their own letters to the Premier.

Now the government is beginning consultation on the detailed urban design elements of the light rail extension. This is a major opportunity to push the GreenWay message. Consultation commenced today and will run for just 10 days.

Although the Transport for NSW is not building the GreenWay trail, it's hoped that access to stops and a re-built bridge over Parramatta Road will benefit GreenWay users. The biodiversity component of the project is also still going ahead. Transport for NSW has said that the works on the light rail will not prevent a future GreenWay being built.

However, we understand from our local council contacts there are some key issues for concern that specifically relate to the GreenWay, including:
  • Lack of a ramp connection up and down to the new Parramatta Road pedestrian-cycle bridge. At the very least there should be a gutter to push a bike up the steps provided. Ramping would also provide wheelchair and pram access if/when the lift was out of order or in case of fire. 
  • No bicycle lockers are provided at any stops.
  • The need to use local plants in new plantings around stops.
  • The incorrect naming of Taverners Hill stop. (The stop is at Battle Bridge some distance from Taverners Hill).
  • The need for signage and art and installations at the stop.
There may well be other issues because there is very little information available at this time.

The consultation session times are below:

10am - 12.30pm Saturday 27 October at Hawthorne Canal Reserve
6pm - 9pm Tuesday 30 October at Leichhardt Town Hall
10am - 12.30pm Saturday 3 November at Jack Shanahan Park
5pm - 8pm Monday 5 November at Michael Maher Room, Haberfield Centre
5pm - 8pm Wednesday 7 November at Herb Greedy Hall, Marrickville

Unfortunately, at this time, Transport for NSW has not posted any information about the detailed design options on its website but has released some artist’s impressions to the media – we’ll advise if information is posted on the web.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support and help.

Friends of the GreenWay committee

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