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Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport—Draft report for discussion

Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport: draft report for discussion, report picture
Walking and riding are fundamental everyday modes of transport and are a vital component of Australia's transport system. Many people walk to local destinations such as their local shops, cafes or services such as the post office or library. Others walk on a daily basis to their place of work or study. Most public transport journeys start or end with a walk to or from the bus or train. Bicycle riding, whilst less prevalent, is also becoming increasingly popular as a form of transport.
On 29 October 2012, the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport released Walking, Riding and Access to Public Transport—Draft report for discussion.
The draft report explores how the Australian Government can work with other governments, business and the community to encourage and support walking and riding as part of the transport systems in Australia's cities and towns.
More people regularly walking, riding and catching public transport can contribute towards:
  • Increased capacity in the transport network
  • Improved public health and reduced healthcare costs
  • Improved community wellbeing and social cohesiveness
  • Reduced environmental impacts.

Your Say

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport seeks your views on walking and riding for transport purposes, and improved access to public transport. Your feedback will guide the Department's policy development process.
Submissions will be accepted until 5pm on 31 January 2013
accessed Saturday 19 January 2013

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