Saturday, January 26, 2013

Register you bicycle! There is a free membership offer

Cycling Australia bikeREGO secures your cycling peace of mind

Cycling Australia has launched a new product designed to enhance bike safety and security and increase the probability of having recovered bikes returned to their rightful owners.

The product, CAbikeREGO, has been piloted over the past 18 months and includes a free registration component for all cyclists. 

It is estimated that 1 in 10 cyclists are likely to have their bikes stolen within five years, with very few being returned to their rightful owners when recovered. Instead, they are sold at police auctions. 

CAbikeREGO allows you to simply login, complete your registration with as much detail about your bike as possible. If your bike is stolen, you can login to your profile and update the bike's status online.

If your bike is stolen, a social media event broadcasts your bike details across our network as well as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn social sites, allowing the social network to be on the lookout for your bike. With our integrated scanning technology for all smart phones available free to download from our site, all our members can actively participate in social policing.

When your bike is recovered by the police, they can search our secure database against the details provided by you and ensure your bike is returned as swiftly as possible and not sold at auction.

Should you decide to sell your bike, you can login and remove that bike from your profile. If you replace your bike, you can add it to your profile instead — just don't forget to tell the new owner to register the bike at though! 

Register with Cycling Australia bikeREGO today and get on your bike!

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  1. This had been very helpful. It can actually help us in so many ways possible since bike theft is just so rampant these days.


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