Friday, February 8, 2013

Repeal Mandatory Helmet Law

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- Drastically reduced bicycle use since it's introduction.

- Discouraged commuters from using bicycles, as opposed to other forms of transport.

- Lead to a complete failure of our bike-share program. (Bike-share programs in similar cities have on average 2500% more uptake!)

- Prevented/discouraged new users (locals & tourists alike) from taking up cycling.

- Contrary to popular belief; possibly lead to a HIGHER accidents to number-of-cyclists ratio, according to stats.

- Caused bike lanes/paths, costing the government millions (of our tax money), to lay practically unused.

All case-controlled studies supporting the legislation are all disputed. A nation-wide review concluded that there was no evidence that the laws had reduced head injuries. A district court judge agreed that there is no conclusive evidence to the benefits of wearing bicycle helmets.

Most similar/major cities/countries in Europe & elsewhere have successful widespread bicycle patronage, without helmet regulations, with very little in the way of injuries or accidents.

Make your voice heard, and join us in petitioning to repeal this nanny state-esque regulation.

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