Friday, June 14, 2013

Is there a reason the airport needs to have multi story parking when a train runs to its front door?

WestConnex motorway a subsidy for Sydney Airport car profits

The proposed WestConnex motorway would double the M5 tunnels and have tunnels joining the airport to the eastern end of the M4 motorway with exits to Camperdown and Leichhardt.  The rationale is to provide links for the airport and Port Botany as well increasing motorway access to the city from the west and south west.

Sydney Airport runs very profitable parking stations and they want people to come in cars and pay to park. Despite saying they want an increase in public transport access to the airport and the removal of the ticket surcharge on the airport railway stations, they don’t offer to buy the two stations to reduce the fares.
The port is best served by upgrading the railway line by duplicating the tracks.  All of the bridges and cuttings were built with room for a second track. The federal government has spent a billion dollars building a southern freight line to separate freight trains from the suburban train lines out to the Moorebank freight terminal.

The West Connex will only increase congestion and pollution in the inner city, but not improve access for people in the west.  Public transport and active transport are what we need for Sydney.


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