Monday, May 5, 2014

Live Theatre 'ANIMAL FARM'

by George Orwell 
Play adaption by Nelson Bond Director A1TC Artistic Director Rachel Jordan.
Celebrated as one of the greatest novels of the 20th Century and the Winner of the Retrospective Hugo Award in 1996. Animal Farm is a fable with a sting. Much has been written about the threat of Communism, but it remained to the late George Orwell, farsighted British author of the brilliant and frightening 1984, to expose the Russian experiment for what it really is; an idealist’s dream, converted by realists into a nightmare...
Featuring Helena Telford, Juan Lorenzo Suarez, Sarah Robinson, Demitri Fields, Karina Bracken, Juliet Velieu, Luna Andom and Nicolas Shields
The Archway 1 Theatre Company was established in August 2012, by founder and Artistic Director Rachel Jordan. The Archway 1 Theatre Company was established in August 2012, committed to developing new work, producing classical and contemporary texts with a focus on exploring ideas and current issues... 

Chapman Rd, Annandale
Next to Crescent Timber in Bicentennial park.

We thought we would take in some eternally relevant theater from Eric Blair, noted member of the commentariat. This is a group booking - email or meetup site with your prefered dates. Group booking online attracts 10% discount making for an affordable nights entertainment. 

Meet: 7pm Newtown Art Seat for a cycle to Bicentennial Park, Blackwattle Bay. 
Date: TBA choice of 23rd / 24th / 25th / 30th / 31st May & 1st June 8pm.
Cost: $20 minus 10% if we get the required number of 10+ online booking. 
Book: Email first to arrange date ARTcycle will make a group booking online. 

Tickets $20 Online/ $12 for kids 14-18 yrs.
$22 Door / $14 for kids 14-18 yrs

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