Saturday, May 6, 2017

BNSW - ARTcycle Inc member discount

Join Bicycle NSW today 
We’ve got your back!

Membership gives you
+ 10% off all bike accessories at affiliated bike shops
+ The best worldwide bike riders insurance for individuals, or the whole family including;
  • Bike accidents and injuries for you and the family
  • Non Medicare covered costs, like physiotherapy and Chiropractic
  • Damage or injury to other people or their property
  • Loss of income for Student Assistance, Home Help and more!
+ Add your voice to our 40 years of advocacy experience in NSW
+ Members only legal advice and assistance
+ Member discounts on cycling magazines, bike events, workshops and retail offers

Whether you ride for fun, fitness, commuting or training, Bicycle NSW membership is for EVERYBODY!

Not just any bike riding organisation
Bicycle NSW is a member-based, not for profit organisation with a 40 year history of representing bike riders across NSW. Join the community that State Government hears!

Our goal is to achieve a better environment for ALL bike riders.
We encourage all people, of all ages & abilities to ride their bikes by providing the best comprehensive worldwide bike riders insurance, cycling events & advocacy on their behalf.

Bicycle NSW works collaboratively with a wide network of partners and friends.
Our network of affiliated Bicycle user Groups and bike shops throughout NSW provide our members a wide range of options through local and state-wide events, discounts & support.

For around $3 a week, you & your family can enjoy all the benefits of being a Bicycle NSW member. We've got your back!

  • Individual:    Full price  $120    BUG discounted price $109
  • Household:  Full price $165     BUG discounted price $147
  • Concession: Full price $103    BUG discounted price $98
Simply go to the Bicycle NSW website and click on the membership option. Click on the correct membership option for you and enter the corresponding coupon code to receive your discount off the advertised price.

This offer is valid up until June 30, 2017. Membership is valid from day of joining to June 30, 2018.

Coupon codes:
Individual: bugmember
Household: bughouse
Concession: bugconcession

Ensure you type the name of your Bicycle user Group in the “where did you find out about Bicycle NSW membership” field.

Any queries, please contact

Bonefide ARTcycle members only! See ARTcycle members tab top of this page for details on how to join us.


It is on again! Well for the first time really. The Inner West Open Studio Trail.

One week to go to the launch of the Inner West Open Studio Trail. We provide a series of curated bicycle tours showcasing the artistic skills and placemaking assets that are the artists of the Inner West.

ARTcycle tours will visit ARIs and studios in the former Ashfield, Leichhardt and Marrickville areas now divided into four precincts, with four corresponding bicycle tours. Plus, ARTcycle Cinema presence at the opening Saturday 13 May, from 6pm, underneath the City West Link on the GreenWay.

Go to the website and select the day you are interested in. Bicycle tours are free, booking via RSVP to meetup site. Details and links on web page below.


Pre-weekend events:

Saturday 13 May:

Sunday 14 May:

Saturday 20 May:

Sunday 21 May:

Map links:,,151.1216405,13z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!6m1!1s190OPhT7W2hiC-tYpUJ8sx1ulkeo?hl=en-GB

Our venue selection is based on visiting newly listed venues and sharing visits to established venues, and the ease with which we can link these together safely for the enjoyment of our riders. Please contact ARTcycle Inc direct if you have a burning desire for our keen and enthusiastic ready-made audience to come visit.

ARTcycle Inc conducts its rides in accordance with the Austroads Rules. We practise "gracious cycling".