Bike Share

Some consideration has been given to creating a bike share for members. Loaner bikes for those occasions when a friend drops in to visit and you want to join an ARTcycle Ride. Or for when your daily ride is busted, or you have a flat and it's an emergency. This might be an option if we can establish a fleet of Bike Utilities.

Not wanting to duplicate existing services, there is an existing Bike Library attached to the Watershed in Newtown with load bikes and trailers available. 

Tool Share 

We have also considered creating a tool library. Many of those must have to use once in a blue moon tools are expensive and need to be stored somewhere. Again a members only proposition.  

Again, not wanting to duplicate existing services, we can recommend a visit Cycle Recycle on a Monday or Wednesday from 5 where they have a tool library for use on site. Or visit the Redfern Bike Depot, hosted at Town Bike Pitstop in Abercrombie St, Chippendale. BikeWise located at Sydney Park also runs bicycle maintenance courses.    

In the mean time we will go on supporting artists and each other the best we can, which is what membership of ARTcycle is all about, really.


I See A Bright Future

ISEA Bright Future

Josh Wodak, Rohan Story (ARTcycle)
and Greer Allen (Magnificent Revolution Australia)

Upcoming interactive installation

International Symposium of Electronic Art
June 14 - 15 2013
Parramatta Hub, Parramatta
Commissioned by ISEA2013 Sydney

ISEA Bright Future is a kinetic sculpture about communal electricity generation and cooperation in biological organisms.

ISEA Bright Future uses custom 5 modified stationary bicycles on training stands in a semi-circle to generate audiovisual rhythms that audiences may actively "play" as an audiovisual instrument that visually models this and sonically models this. The interactive installation explores embodied energy and ecological sustainability - both as it is powered solely by participants' peddling and through biomimesis of bioluminescene, especially that of fireflies and how they synchronise their flasing. The title is pronounced "I See A Bright Future" as it explores the role of cooperation and negotiation in producing a future that will be dominated by how 'brightness' (ie lights/energy) is produced. ISEA Bright Future is a companion piece to Wodak's installation Facing Futures Free From Fear, about speculative futures and defuturing in relation to climate change, on at the same time in Sydney (May 22 - June 14).

ISEA Bright Future is a collaboration between Josh Wodak and Magnificent Revolution Australia, produced through Artist Residencies at SCANZ: 3rd Nature at Parramatta Artist Studios and supported by ISEA2013 Sydney, Parramatta City Council and ARTcycle.


Josh Wodak - Concept, Artistic Director, Lighting Design, Sound Design, Production Manager
Carli Leimbach - Creative Producer
Greer Allen - Associate Producer
Rohan Story - Electrical Engineer, Programmer, Bicycle Generator Designer, Fabricator
Grant Moxom - Production Assistant
Andrew Hornblow - Consultant Electrical Engineer and Programmer 

More about Josh's practice -

Facebook:, and


ARTcycle residency at INDEX project space

Residency Action Committee Vehicle (corrected dates)

preparations for the post-petrol economy
28 July
Inner West Food and Art Trail
Free. Meet 10am Arterial Gallery
Inner West Food and Art Trail Map
29 July
Rolling Sketch Tour
$30 including materials. Limit 10.
Meet 1pm Tempe Station.
30 July
Install INDEX – 9am/5pm.
Tue – Fri
31 Jul-
3 Aug
Open workshops – 9am/5pm.
Free. INDEX project space, St Peters.
4 Aug
Arte Povera workshop and soup kitchen
Free. INDEX project space. 9am/1pm. 
ART1st Ride Initiative -
Free. Meet INDEX 1pm.
ART1st Ride Initiative Map
5 Aug
Rolling Sketch Tour
$30 including materials. Limit 10.
Meet 1pm Addison Rd Markets.
6-10 Aug
To be confirmed.
11 Aug
Arte Povera workshop and soup kitchen
Free. INDEX project space. 9am - 1pm.
Closing drinks – 12pm/1pm.

ARTcycle Inc will hold a two week long exploration of issues of sustainability, imaginings of a post-petrol economy, derives in the local environment, close scrutiny of historical and ecological themes.

Artists and members are invited to participate in rides, discussions and workshops and the inclusion of artworks suitable for display in the central gallery space.

Flyer: The Gamut - Residency Action Committee vehicle (pdf updated 7 July 2012)

Contact: Gilbert at or

INDEX space
60 Hutchinson St,
St Peters. NSW
(02) 9590 7704
(please enter via gate on Lackey St, look for the white bicycle symbol)
The Sydney Green Ring (
ARTcycle Inc (

This project was supported by a grant from the New South Wales Government - Arts NSW and the Visual Arts and Craft Strategy, an initiative of the Australian, State and Territory Governments. The program is administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA).



ARTcycle thinks it is about time the most affluent state on the East Coast joined the other states in having an arm and a leg of the velomobile/trike racing action. To whet your appetite here is the map of where and when events will be held in 2012. And below some video footage.

We thought Tempe Reserve with its access to Wolli Creek rail station, the Cooks River/Alexandra Canal bicycle paths and the Princes Highway would be an ideal venue, and Mascot airport carparks, Discovery Point and the Cooks River itself as a back drop. Five minutes cycle away is Waterworth Park and the Canterbury Velodrome. Plentiful pubs and clubs and international hotels nearby providing respite and accomodation.     


I added the clip about the Varna Diablo because its designer and builder, Georgi Georgiev, is a trained artist/sculptor, who also builds handcycles and trikes. Vehicles which provided independence, mobility and recreation to people who had previously not enjoyed the sense of agency the rest of the population take for granted.

The combination of art (awe and novelty), speed (risk taking), and technology (problem solving) is a long established connection best illustrated by the Italian Futurists and Russian Cubo-Futurists and later Malevich's Suprematism and Architectons. What we hope to add is ecology (conscientious stewardship).

The dream of human powered flight was explored by, but did not originate with, Valdimir Tatlin and his Letatlin responding for the call for a new art for a new world. Learn the language of art and begin many a beautiful conversation.

Slow transport, slow flight, slow food, as a purgative for the bulimic devouring of change, of resources, of exploitation, of designer landfil and the generalised 'rapacious consummerism' of the 20th century now bearing fruit as an obesity epidemic sweeping the globe. 

ARTcycle promotes three strategies for futureproofing the lifestyle of any savvy consumer. First, creatively repurpose, reuse and repair goods (including politics, philosophies and ideals). Secondly retroinnovation, many of the solutions to todays problems are 'on the shelf'. And last but not least, heirloom quality should be the central tenet of design and manufacture: put simply, "You'll remember the quality long after you forget the price."


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  2. I actually added your blog to my favorites and will look forward for more updates. Great Job, Keep it up.
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