Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Water Cycle (Tempe and Olympic Park Wetlands)

Saturday 4 February 2017

North Sydney Council has extended an invitation to ARTcycle members to join a bicycle and bus tour of Tempe Wetlands and Sydney Olympic Park Wetlands with North Sydney and Willoughby Council’s this Saturday 4 February.

You can join the tour at North Sydney Council with bus transport to Tempe (booking required on the links below), or join at Tempe (rsvp here on the Meetup site).

Meet: 8am North Sydney, or, 9 am Tempe Golf Driving Range carpark

Book for North Sydney: bus and departure info, at one of the following links,

Book for Tempe start: RSVP to ARTcycle Meetup page

This activity involves the transport of participants and their bicycles on a bus provided by North Sydney Council on a return trip from North Sydney Council Chambers and North Sydney Station to Tempe Wetlands and Sydney Olympic Park. We have chosen a flat route along formal tracks and sealed surfaces and there is an option to travel on the bus from points of interest should you find the activity too strenuous.

Please dress appropriately for riding a bicycle and walking in the sun, please see the Bureau of Meteorology Sydney Forecast. If it is raining heavily, the event will be postponed or cancelled, you will receive a phone call one hour before the scheduled pick-up time. Feel free to call Andrew Scott on 0478 303 042 or Liz Powell – WCC on 0400 116 608 if you are concerned about the weather. The activity will go ahead should we experience light rain, in this case we will tour points of interest by bus.

You will need to bring the following things:

  • A bicycle in working order
  • A bicycle helmet
  • Spare tube and repair kit, bike pump if you have one.
  • Sun protection, a hat, sun screen, a long sleeved shirt.
  • Water Bottle (500ml to 1 litre), there will be a 10 litre water flask for refills available on the bus.
  • BYO lunch and snacks, morning tea (orange juice + biscuits) will be provided. Please bring your own food if you have special dietary requirements. There is a Cafe at Steele Park


ARTcycle members and friends (limit of 10) can also join the tour at Tempe Wetlands. The wetlands tour will be lead by Damon Bassett, Biodiversity Officer from the Inner West Council.

Meet: 9.00 am Tempe Golf Driving Range carpark.

Finish: 11.30 Steel Park.

Book: Please RSVP to this page so we can advise the team and direct you to the meeting point. Call Andrew Scott or Liz Powell for more information.

N.B. this tour is being organised by North Sydney Council, please take the time to thank them if you enjoy the tour and want to see more of the same.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

7:00 PM, Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

RSVP on Meetup for details.

Annual General Meeting for the leveling of accounts, and other necessary objects. Short and sweet.

Only paid up members are eligible to vote but new members and friends welcome.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sydney Rides Mystery Tours

ARTcycle Mystery Tour for Sydney Rides Festival 2016.

From Hegel to Heidegger phenomenology is a major thread of modern and contemporary philosophy, impacting the arts, sciences and beliefs.

In this tour we examine mobility, space and place are explored through activity and filmic contribution by artist Molly Wagner and the ARTcycle Cinema.

We begin with a scavenger hunt and conclude with filmic reconstruction.

Consciousness - it's a mystery!

Mystery Tour 1
Saturday 8 October 2016

Meet: 6 pm, Saturday 8 October

Where: Sydney Park Cycle Centre, Sydney Park Road, St Peters, NSW.

Cost: $5/10 on the day, booking required. RSVP:

Bring: Bicycle in good working order, snacks and drinks, helmet, a rug.

Mystery Tour 2
Tuesday 18 October 2016

Meet: 6 pm, Tuesday 18 October

Where: Sydney Park Cycle Centre, Sydney Park Road, St Peters, NSW.

Cost: $5/10 on the day, booking required. RSVP: 

Bring: Bicycle in good working order, snacks and drinks, helmet, a rug.

We follow Austroad Rules and encourage 'Gracious Cycling'.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


ARTcycle Cinema combines the magic of cinema and power of the human body to stir mind, body and spirit. Self-contained, self-powered and mobile we can set up in almost any location and project documentary and art films that engage and enlighten. ARTcycle cinema will begin projecting at the Footprints Ecofestival 21 August 2016, Whites Creek, Annandale 11 - 3. 

Made possible through support from:

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ARTcycle Tours - August

Perfect Match

Perfect Match 2016

Free tours and events celebrating creativity and art on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 August 2016.
Marrickville is home to one of Australia's most dynamic art and street art scenes and Perfect Match brings artists, residents, businesses and property owners together to collaboratively create fantastic new works in public places across Marrickville.
Download the 2016 Perfect Match Program HERE.

About the Perfect Match program

The Perfect Match Contemporary Public Art Program is an opportunity for people of all ages to meet artists at work, share stories, and learn about the art, the places and people that make the Marrickville area such a celebrated blend of gritty industrial heritage, creative innovation, culture and great lifestyle.

ARTcycle Tours

Saturday 6 August
Details & Booking: 

Sunday 7 August
Details & Booking:

Saturday, April 9, 2016

CultureCycle - The Cyclists' Pair

My first Kickstarter campaign

Hi there

A few days ago I uploaded a post of Linked In that describes the background to my first kickstarter campaign: The Cyclists' Pair

The Cyclists's Pair are the first hand-cranked cycling socks to be made available to a mass market.

4 identical socks means should one go missing, you still have the rest of the The Cylists' Pair. There are four different styles and all are made from the highest quality yarns.

The Cyclists' Pair Kickstarter campaign will allow me to undertake the first production run, thus honouring the tradition of domestic manufacturing that underpins the circular sock machine. Importantly, this production run will deliver high quality, Australian designed and made cycling socks to a broad market.

Warm regards,